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What is Wengage?  How does it work?

Wengage is a free app that puts women in touch when they are looking for company. Wengage works by simply taking your current interest in going out and matching you with other women who are looking for company to do the same thing.


To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, the app will capture all the profile information you have confirmed (age, places you’ve lived, interests) and match you with women who have similar profile characteristics.  So, while you may be meeting another woman on a given day in order to have company while you go for a run in a new city, you will be meeting someone who has common interests to chat about, make and around which to make a potential future plan!

Who can use Wengage?

Wengage is exclusively for women. It’s designed for when your regular network is not available, at home or away.  Wengage is not a dating app.  


How do I use Wengage?

After you download Wengage, you start by filling out your profile. 

Completing your profile preferences is important: it helps the app provide you with information tailored to your interests.  Also, the more detail you include, the better our ability to connect you with a woman with similar interests.


Where can I use Wengage?

You can use Wengage in any city in the world to connect with other women in real time. You can grow the Wengage community in your area by sharing it with other women in your network.


How do you secure my private information?

We never share or sell your information. Ever. 


Your profile information is securely encrypted and collected solely to deliver information that you wish to see and to match you with women who share your interests and background (which the app discerns based on your shared profile preferences).   You control the information you wish to share with others on your profile page.     


Is it safe to meet someone through Wengage? 

It is necessary to be vigilant, as you’d be with any other social media channel, or in any other life situation: 


  1. Meet in a well-lit, public place, 

  2. Trust your instincts, 

  3. Don’t share your home address or phone number,

  4. Never share where you are staying. 

  5. Chat with the other User using the Wengage chat function before meeting for the first time.

  6. Inform someone in your personal network of your plans to go out.

  7. Ensure you have the venue or event address in hand.

  8. Pre-plan your mode of transportation


Can I file a report about a woman? 

The purpose of Wengage is to facilitate a link between two or more women to enjoy a real-time event together.  We believe that common interests will prompt an enjoyable experience, and perhaps the wish to stay in touch.  There are times however that two people just don’t click.  We do not believe that this is a time for judgement.  There are however some deal breakers.  


Our zero tolerance rules:

The Wengage community supports a respectful and considerate environment to enjoy all the App has to offer.  To facilitate this, we have imposed restrictions on offensive and abusive language and behavior.  For more information, please refer to Terms of Use here. 


For the safety and security of all, and to ensure common courtesy: 

  • If you confirm a meeting with one or more women and cannot honour that commitment, you are expected to let the other woman know.  

  • If you do not send advance notice to the other woman that you will not be there, your privileges on the app will cease.


  1. This rule always applies – even if you are meeting a group of women. 

  2. Advance notice means at least 30 minutes prior to your meeting time.


If you experience or observe behaviour against our terms and code of conduct, please contact 


Any more questions? Just get in touch.


Download The App. Seize the day!   

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