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I'd love to do that -
If I only had company.

With Wengage, you’ve got company!   

Wengage is a free app connecting women who share interests and are looking for company at the very same time.

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Embrace life's experiences

With Wengage you can find company for any activity or event you have in mind.  Whether it's to check out a gallery on opening tonight, try a new restaurant, go to tonight's ball game, enjoy live music at a local club on a Friday evening, go for a run along the waterfront or hike around the city -  the possibilities are endless!

Find company whenever you need it

At home, away on business, while on vacation, whether you feel like going out but are unsure about navigating a city by yourself or just find it more interesting being  in company, tap the app and find a like-minded woman who's looking for company for the same activity as you are, at the same time.

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How it works:





Fill out your profile

To tailor the event information to your preferences and match you with a woman with similar interests.

Post an activity or event
Post an activity or event with the time you’d like to go out.

Find company 
See if another woman in your area is looking for company for the same activity as you are.

Tap on a profile & connect!

To embrace life’s experiences and opportunities with company!

Wengage is...


In The Moment

Wengage is a real-time planner. You can find another women who is looking to do the same thing at the same time - right now.

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Secure to Use

Security is our #1 priority. Your personal information will never be shared or sold.


Personalized for You

Based on your preferences Wengage makes recommendations about current activities in your area and matches you to other women who share your interests.


Designed for Women

Wengage is exclusively for women. It’s designed by women, with a woman's mind in mind.  What's on her check-list before going out? We're always asking the question. 

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Just Company

Wengage helps you to find like-minded company - but, just company.  Wengage is NOT a dating app.


Company with Confidence

With our zero tolerance, no- show policy requiring at least 30 min notice, we're building a community of trust. You should never question whether or not the other person will arrive.  

Go out with company in any city, anytime!

Start Connecting!    You no longer have to miss out or go alone!

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